F31 Single Tube Aluminum Truss

50mm 1.96″ – Tubing for F31, F32, F33, F34 and F44P Trussing

F31 Single Tube Aluminum Truss
Global Truss brings greater versatility to trussing with F31 Single Tube Aluminum Truss. Since it’s made of a single 2” beam, this truss can be used to form a clean, thin frame, making it ideal for framing signs, banners, curtains and LED panels.
The versatile and expandable F31 Single Tube Aluminum Truss comes in a wide range of sizes, so it can be used to make square or rectangular frames of any length or diameter. The F31 Single Tube Aluminum Truss can even be used for freestanding signs when anchored with a Base Plate (sold separately).
Connecting F31 Single Tube segments together to form the desired size and shape is easy because each piece of Single Tube Truss comes with attached conical connectors, which incorporate Global Truss’ great conical coupling system. This single connector, developed from “mouse-key” technology used in oil rig structures, helps to maintain overall rigidity, especially at the key stress points. Conical coupling is also quick and easy to assemble, and because it is genderless, each piece has even greater versatility, offering more rigging options.
Although extremely lightweight, F31 Single Tube Aluminum Truss is also very rugged and durable. That’s because it’s made of the same high-strength 6082-T6 extruded aluminum alloy as Global Truss’s other trussing products – a material so strong, rigid and corrosion-resistant that the aviation industry uses it for aircraft construction.