Glow Totem Systems

Not all venues allow for ceiling suspension or sound system patching. Perhaps your magic act requires a particular kind of lighting to create an illusion, or maybe your DJ mix sounds best with your preset treble. If you’re a mobile presenter or entertainer of any kind, you need your adaptable equipment. The innovative glow totem systems from Truss Genius are easy to transport, and most options weigh less than 40 pounds.

Get up to 2.5 meters in height with a durable four-tube truss. Each tower features a high-strength base plate, a battery-powered LED par (Not Included), a sleek brushed finish and all the accessories you need for a fast assembly. We’ll even throw in a free Lycra truss cover to pair your setup with a more rich background. Our glow totem products are remarkably popular for weddings, formals, art galleries and other black tie events. Harsh, downward lighting can easily distract the mood, which is why we focus on underlying illumination. Paired with a new Lycra cover, you get a smooth, classy glow.