Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 10×10 F23-101WCC


Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 10×10 F23-101WCC
10×10 Truss Trade Show Booth with HDP Collapsible Container
You Can Create 3 Different Booth Configurations
(A) 8 x 8 x 8 (B) 10 x 10 x 10 (C) 13 x 6 x 10
Lightweight Triangular Truss constructs
in minutes with the use of a Steel Hammer

Max Load of 65-Lbs. Per Linear Foot On Each Span
• General Truss Information
F23 Triangular Aluminum Truss
8.66″ 220mm Truss Overall Width
1.37″ 35mm Truss Outer Diameter Tubing
0.32″ 8.30mm Truss Diagonal Bracing
0.078″ 2mm Truss Wall Thickness
Approximate System Weight – 160 Lbs.
Approximate System Weight in Collapsible Container – 321 Lbs.
48″ x 40″ x 39″ HDP Collapsible Container Included
Connecting Hardware Included
Aluminum Brush Finish

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Product Description

Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 10×10 F23-101WCC

10×10 Truss Trade Show Booth With Collapsible Container

When looking for a tradeshow booth that is versatile, durable and relatively easy to transport, look no further than the 10×10 Truss Trade Show Booth With Collapsible Container. Truss Genius knows that every tradeshow has specific needs. This 10×10 truss system offers excellent adaptability, with three different configurations: (A) 8 x 8 x 8, (B) 10 x 10 x 10 and (C) 13 x 6 x 10. This versatility means it can be set up as an inline booth or a small island booth. Made of durable F23 Triangular Aluminum Truss, it can be expanded to a larger size by adding additional pieces from our F23 Triangular Aluminum Truss series. Our line of 35mm 1.37″ – Clamps were specifically developed for this truss system.

Truss Genius also knows that as you move from event to event, you need a portable tradeshow booth that is easy to use and keeps parts protected over the long term. This entire truss system can be packed and shipped in our High-Density Polyethylene (HDP) Collapsible Container. The HDP container protects the parts from damage and can keep your tradeshow booth looking as good as new for each event.

Benefits and Features:

• Three different exhibit booth configurations
• Can be set up with two or three people who are familiar with the truss booth system using a steel hammer
• Compatible with F23 Triangular Aluminum Truss series
• Truss system breaks down to fit into a collapsible container for easy shipping
• Connecting hardware included
• Aluminum brush finish
• 8.66″ 220mm truss overall width
• 1.37″ 35mm truss outer diameter tubing
• 0.32″ 8.30mm truss diagonal bracing
• 0.078″ 2mm truss wall thickness
• Approximate system weight – 160 lbs.
• Approximate system weight in the collapsible container – 321 lbs.
• 48″ x 40″ x 39″ HDP Collapsible Container included

Truss Genius knows that when investing in a truss system, you need custom and versatile solutions for your various tradeshow events. With multiple configurations and an easy-to-pack, durable transport system, this truss tradeshow booth can help meet those needs.

Engineering Report Available, Enquire About Costs
Custom Powder Coat Finishes Available Upon Request

STRUCTURE HAS BEEN DESIGNED FOR MAX RIGGING OF 65 POUNDS PER LINEAR FOOT ON EACH SPAN. RIGGING ASSUMES NO BRIDLING. WHEN USING A REAR SCRIM, THE STRUCTURE REQUIRES 800-LBS. BALLAST ON EACH CORNER OR ANCHORAGE TO CONCRETE SLAB. Do not exceed the load capacity of the F23 Truss Booth System. The F23 Truss Booth System should be fully inspected before use. In the occurrence of any damage or defect, the F23 Truss Booth System should not be used. The use of sand bags is recommended for maximum security.

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