Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 10×10 F34-132


Trade Show Booth Design 10×10 F34-132
10×10 Trade Show Truss Exhibit Display with Center I-Beam
Lightweight Square Truss assembles and dismantles
in minutes with the use of a Steel Hammer

10-foot Overall Truss Booth Width
8.20-foot Inside Truss Booth Width
10-foot Overall Truss Booth Length
8.20-foot Inside Truss Booth Length
9.97-foot Overall Truss Booth Height
9.02-foot Inside Truss Booth Height
• General Truss Information
F34 Square Aluminum Truss
11 7/16″ 290mm Overall Truss Width
2″ 50mm Outer Diameter Tubing
3/4″ 20mm Diagonal Bracing
0.078″ 2mm Wall Thickness
Approximate Weight – 428 Lbs.
Connecting Hardware Included
Aluminum Brush Finish

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