Chain Hoist 30


Chain Hoist 30
Global Truss Chain Hoist 30
Max Load Capacity – 1-Ton (2200 Lbs.)
Load Chain Specification – 6x18mm
Lift Chain – 30-Foot (Single Reeved)
Lift Chain Specification – 5x22mm
Hand Chain – 28 Feet
Headroom – 14-1/8”
Weight – 43 Lbs.
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Product Description

Chain Hoist 30
Global Truss Chain Hoist 30
Manual Chain Hoist 1-Ton Weight Capacity 30-Foot Lift

The Chain Hoist 30 is designed with a transmission mechanism of symmetrically meshed two-step spur gears. Industrial-rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging and slowly stretch to indicate an overload situation. Impact-resistant all-steel construction for added durability and protection. Forged upper and lower hooks with latches. Lubricated bearings and bushings and heat-treated two-step spur gears ensure smooth and efficient operation with minimal effort. Mechanical ratchet disc load brake engages instantly for precise load holding and positioning. The lightweight design and smaller body are ideal for restricted areas and low headroom applications.

All persons operating the chain hoist should be familiar with the information contained herein as well as the information provided in the American National Standard ANSI/ ASME B30. L 6. Adherence to the precautions, procedures and maintenance practices should ensure long, reliable operation.


1. Do not overload the hoist.
2. Do not sideload the hoist. Always pull in a straight line between hooks.
3. Make sure there are no twists in the load chain, and that the chain can move and will clear any obstructions.
4. Only operate the chain hoist when the operator has a firm footing. Do not operate the chain hoist from an off-balance position.
5. Before lifting any load, make sure the load is fully secured by the hook or a round sling.
6. Make sure any below the hook lifting device has sufficient capacity to support the load and is in good working condition.
7. Do not stand beneath a load. Do not move an overhead load people or in a manner that may endanger staff.
8. Do not leave a hoist under load for extended or unattended periods unless specific safety precautions have been taken.
9. Do not wrap the load chain around a load.
10. Chain Hoist 30 is designed for manual operation by a single operator. Do not operate chain hoist with other than the manual control of one person.
11. Do not use the chain hoist to lift, support, or hang people.
12. Never run the load chain out too far. When operated beyond the range of the lift, you may damage the chain hoist.
13. Chain Hoist is designed to lift loads vertically and should is not be used for horizontal or angle hoisting.
14. Only a qualified technician should perform maintenance and repairs to this chain hoist.

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