Narrow Swivel Clamp


Narrow Swivel Clamp
Global Truss Narrow Swivel Clamp CJS5012
Medium Duty 2-Inch Dual Narrow Swivel Clamp Designed To Join Two 50mm Tubes or Trusses Together
The clamp rotates 360-Degrees does NOT lock at 90-Degree
Fits F31, F32, F33, F34 and F44P Trussing
Minimum Tube Size 48mm
Maximum Tube Size 51mm
Maximum Load 200 Kgs.
Profile Width 30mm
Weight – 1.47 Lbs.
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Product Description

Narrow Swivel Clamp
Global Truss Narrow Swivel Clamp CJS5012
How to attach Narrow Swivel Clamp to Trussing, Tube or Pipe
1. Release the wing nut by turning it counterclockwise to release the bolt and open the collar.
2. Place the Narrow Swivel Clamp on the Truss, Tube, or Pipe and close the collar.
3. Put the bolt back in place with the washer and wing nut above the collar.
4. Ensure the Narrow Swivel Clamp is located in its proper place on the Truss, Tube, or Pipe before tightening the wing nut.
5. Turn the wing nut clockwise to tighten and secure the Narrow Swivel Clamp into place.

Do not exceed the load capacity of the Narrow Swivel Clamp or Truss System. The Narrow Swivel Clamp should be fully inspected before use. In the occurrence of any damage or defect, the Narrow Swivel Clamp should not be used. The use of safety cables is recommended for maximum security.

Narrow Swivel Clamp

Medium Duty 2-Inch Dual Narrow Swivel Clamp
The clamp rotates 360-Degrees does not lock at 90-Degree
Made of the Highest Quality 6061-T6 Alloy Aluminum.
TUV Nord Certified
Global Truss Authorized Dealer
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