Universal Truss Pick UTP


Universal Truss Pick UTP
The Universal Truss Pick UTP is great for suspending objects from wire rope, rigging chain or spansets. The Mega Truss Pick is stronger than your truss, always follow your truss manufacturer’s specifications for loading your truss. The Universal Truss Pick is not designed for twisting load vectors along the long axis of the truss.
Fits All Professional Truss Sizes
Minimum Tube Size 31.75mm
Maximum Tube Size 50.8mm
Maximum Vertical Load 2000 Lbs.
Made In The USA
Aluminum Brush Finish
Weight – 5.0 Lbs.

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Product Description

Universal Truss Pick UTP
The Universal Truss Pick adjusts to all standard two-inch tube cord truss from just one tube out to both cords of the pre-rig truss. Keep a Universal Truss Pick with each chain motor and always have a metal to metal rigging system that will fit all professional truss sizes. The Universal Truss Pick is quick and easy to install by tightening the firm wingnut to secure the form-fitting link over two truss tubes. The Universal Truss Pick may be fastened onto either the top or the bottom cords of the truss as determined by the truss manufacturer. Because of the length of the Universal Truss Pick, the truss is stabilized in rotation about its long axis. Each arm of the Universal Truss Pick is designed to support one ton of truss load in a vertical pull with a minimum of an eight to one design factor. Use standard derating charts using the pivoted angles for the truss size used. The chain motor hook or chain hook will fasten directly into the hole at the top of the pivot link. The Universal Truss Pick is not designed for twisting load vectors along the long axis of the truss. The Universal Truss Pick is CNC machined from 6061T-6 extruded aluminum bars and is available in natural aluminum finish.

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