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  • Truss Finish Line

    The modular design of Aluminum Truss allows portability and ease of set up. Truss is a perfect solution for supporting time clocks, camera / film equipment, timing sensors, sound and lighting equipment. Let’s not forget about your sponsors. With the right design we can provide the appropriate placement of your sponsor graphics. Let us help […]

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  • Finish Line Truss Systems

    Truss Finish Lines, Aluminum Truss is a fundamental element of any professional sporting event. A Truss Finish Line is simply a must to begin the finish line is designed to make an electrifying statement. Participants want to see clear finish lines and at the moment of their accomplishment want to hear their names and have […]

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  • Aluminum Truss Start and Finish Line

    We can help you design a Start line or Finish line for your sporting event, aluminum trussing makes it easy to hang signage, time clocks, LCD panels and announcer sound systems. Together we can make sure the participants have an experience they will remember.

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