Aluminum-Finished Medium-Duty Stage Lighting Clamp with Eye Nut
Enhance your stage and lighting setups with the EVT50C-BEC’s striking aluminum finish. Tailored for professionals, this clamp strikes a balance between functionality and visual appeal.

  • Key Features: This sleek aluminum-finished clamp is equipped with a lifting eye nut, making it the optimal choice for suspending non-moving and non-swinging objects.
  • Application: Ideal for wire ropes, rigging chains, and spansets in upscale events, theaters, and concert venues.
  • Eye Diameter: Precision-engineered at 25.5mm to accommodate a broad range of rigging configurations.
  • Tube Size Range: Adaptable by design, it fits tubes ranging from 48mm to 51mm in diameter.
  • Safety & Durability: With a robust maximum load capacity of 200 Kgs, it assures safety without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Profile Specifications: Boasts a 50mm profile width and has a lightweight build at just 1.30 Lbs.

In search of a blend of resilience and sophistication in stage lighting accessories? The aluminum-finished EVT50C-BEC clamp stands out as a prime choice.


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