Mini 360 Clamp HLD


Mini 360 Clamp HLD
Global Truss Mini 360 Clamp HLD CJS5001IN
Medium Duty 2-Inch Truss Clamp with large T-Handle
Allowing a single person to mount lighting fixtures to truss very easily.
Exceptional for small lighting fixtures or light duty applications
Fits F31, F32, F33, F34 and F44P Aluminum Trussing
Minimum Tube Size 48mm
Maximum Tube Size 51mm
Maximum Load 100 Kgs.
Profile Width 30mm
Weight – 0.35 Lbs.
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Product Description

Mini 360 Clamp HLD
Global Truss Mini 360 Clamp HLD CJS5001IN

Lighting is essential to any entertainment production, and you want support that is sturdy, reliable and easy to use. Our Mini 360 Clamp HLD is designed to give you the flexibility you need to make your vision come to life. Lightweight enough to be handled by one person, these lighting truss clamps make a dependable addition to your stage, performance setting or display booth.

Our aluminum truss clamps are designed for durability and can handle any F31, F32, F33 or F34 trussing. Safeguarded against damage this clamp will not dent or scratch your trussing equipment. Additionally, its easy-to-use design is perfect for small pieces of lighting equipment, giving you the flexibility to execute your ideas.

This truss clamp is simple to assemble:

1. Turn the handle counterclockwise and let go of the bolt. This opens the collar.
2. Place on the truss, pipe or tube and close the collar.
3. Return the bolt to its original place.
4. Check to make sure the Mini 360 Clamp HLD is in the desired position before securing.
5. Tighten the handle by turning it clockwise.

Inspect it before use to ensure no damage. As long as you stay within the load requirements of the Mini 360 Clamp HLD and your trussing system, you are free to experiment with various lighting scenarios. It is best to use safety cables for the most security.

This aluminum truss clamp has the following specifications:

• Light-duty 2-inch lighting clamp
• 30mm attachment bolt with a spring lock washer
• Max shear load of 30 kgs
• Tensile strength of 4.9 kN
• Made of highest-quality 6061-T6 alloy aluminum
• TUV Nord certified

This popular device is sure to give you or your business long-term value for a great price. No matter what you plan to do with the Mini 360 Clamp HLD, you can be confident that you’ve invested in a durable, versatile product. Choose something that will serve you well and order a truss clamp from us today.

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