Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 20×20 F34-301


Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 20×20 F34-301
You Can Create 4 Different Booth Configurations
20' × 20' Motion Capture Truss System
Lightweight Square Truss constructs
in minutes with the use of a Steel Hammer

19.68-foot Overall Truss Booth Width
19.68-foot Overall Truss Booth Length
9.97-foot Overall Truss Booth Height

• General Truss Information
F34 Square Aluminum Truss
11 7/16″ 290mm Overall Truss Width
2″ 50mm Outer Diameter Tubing
3/4″ 20mm Diagonal Bracing
0.08″ 2mm Wall Thickness
Approximate Weight – 530 Lbs.
Connecting Hardware Included
Aluminum Brush Finish

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Product Description

Trade Show Exhibit Display Booth 20×20 F34-301
20′ x 20′ Mocap Truss System

A professional truss system can be the difference between a successful display and a missed opportunity. With our 20′ x 20′ Mocap Truss System, you don’t have to worry about fading into the crowd. All of our trusses are designed to be a sturdy support to your vision: no matter your project, there’s a configuration of this trade show booth that can work for you.

Our 20×20 trade show booth is optimized for flexibility and customization. This model allows you to configure its parts in four different ways, giving you a variety of possible layouts. Whether you’re thinking about banners, promotional materials or additional equipment, there’s sure to be a configuration right for your project. If you’ve kept your design minimal, that works, too—the material is coated with a sleek aluminum brush finish to accent any layout with a professional touch. Your products will look right at home among the elegant crisscrossed design.

This display booth has the following specifications:

• Booth width, length, and height: 19.68-foot; 19.68-foot; 9.97 foot
• F34 square aluminum truss
• Overall truss width: 11 7/16″ 290mm
• Outer tubing diameter: 2″ 50mm
• Diagonal bracing: 3/4″ 20mm
• Wall thickness: 0.08″ 2mm
• Approximate weight: 530 lbs.
• Includes connecting hardware
• Assembly requires three to four people, a steel hammer, and an M10 Hex Allen Wrench Key

Your vision, whether it’s for motion capture products, a virtual reality showcase, or another stunning display, deserves the best foundation. Our products give you the scaffold on which to hang your creations, and our trade show exhibits are versatile, trustworthy additions to your repertoire. If you have any questions about how to expand the truss’s framework or which of our products would best work with your ideas, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you explore the possibilities and select something right for you or your company. Once you’ve selected the right product, give your creativity the truss it needs to shine—order the 20’ x 20’ Mocap Truss System today.

The truss booth can be expanded to a larger size by adding additional pieces from our F34 Square Aluminum Truss series. Our line of 50mm 1.96″ – Clamps were specifically developed for this truss system.

Do not exceed the load capacity of the F34 Truss Booth System. The F34 Truss Booth System should be fully inspected before use. In the occurrence of any damage or defect, the F34 Truss Booth System should not be used. The use of sand bags is recommended for maximum security.

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