Truss Tradeshow Booth Designs

Your presentation is just as important as your product, especially when you’re pitching alongside one hundred of your key competitors. How are you displaying your samples? How are you delivering audiovisual messages? Branding your product or service requires the right visual balance. Ultimately, you want to provide an experience. Our tradeshow booth design experts will help you create a standout display to draw in more customers.

Exhibition visitors assess the delivery as a whole. Suppose, for example. You’ve just patented an innovative photometric system. Customers won’t take you seriously if your prototype is propped up against the box it was transported in. Instead, think polished aluminum, towering pillars and sharp modern appeal. We’ve got all the accessories to rig your product securely and attractively. Even service providers stand a lot to gain. Rather than rolling in your flat screen on a makeshift cart, why not suspend it from a 10-foot high, circular truss booth? That expands your viewing range and keeps attendees from leaving your line.

Need a simpler display? Give Truss Genius a call. Our lineup includes everything from small banner fronts to expansive 20×20 double-tier towers. Trade shows give you direct access to eager shoppers, and with a high-quality setup, you’re better able to draw attention, expand your client base and boost your bottom line.